Building Your Online Business As A Dietitian With Holley Samuel, RD, LDN, CPT


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This week’s special guest is Holley Samuel, we will hear about her journey and explore all the different things when it comes to starting your own dietitian business.

In this episode of Real Solutions:

02:51 – What is Holley’s story?

06:11 – What made Holley want to start her own business?

11:47 – What were Holley’s biggest hesitancies?

16:15 – What helped Holley decide to move forward?

20:46 – The setbacks of building her business area

25:11 – What is Holley focused on right now?

29:14 – What does Holley think is leading her to get most of her clients?

33:07 – What does Holley love most about having her own business now?

37:05 – Holley’s advice for someone who is dreaming of starting their own business

40:33 – What led Holley to success?

46:00 – Run the mile you’re in

Holley Samuel’s website:

Holley Samuel’s Instagram: @fitcookienutrition

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