Does Your Relationship with Food Need Rehab?


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Do you have a good relationship with food? Or do you need to rehab yourself with food?

Find out in today's episode.

In this episode of Real SOULutions:

01:55 - What is plate envy?

02:20 - Do you live for your cheat days?

03:10 - Are you eating to cope with emotions?

04:50 - Do you punish yourself if you don't eat healthy?

06:00 - Do you take limits to the extreme?

07:50 - Are you number obsessed?

10:00 - Is food disrupting your life?

11:00 - Are you always hungry?

12:00 - Clear your environment from the negative relationships from food

13:10 - Ditch those dieting rules and start with the basics

14:50 - Start practicing mindfulness

16:00 - Find a professional to help you

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