Fatigue And Increasing Energy Naturally


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We’ve all probably experienced fatigue, tiredness, and exhaustion. Every once in a while, it's kind of normal to have those off days. But if we're having those multiple days, then that can be a sign that something's off. And today, we're going to talk through some of the culprits of fatigue and how to fight it back.

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In This Episode of Real SOULutions:

03:02 – Lack of sleep and poor diet

04:41 – Nutrition deficiency

05:19 – Imbalanced gut

06:27 – Adrenal dysfunction

07:02 – Toxins

11:34 – Infections

12:28 – Step 1: Balance your blood sugar levels out

14:06 – Step 2: Remove any triggers in your diet or lifestyle that are causing inflammation

15:05 – Step 3: Support your gut

16:30 – What are the first things to ditch and switch?

17:38 – Moderate movement daily

18:48 – Get quality sleep

20:00 – Water is important

20:37 – Supplements

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