Fertility Awareness Method & Tracking Ovulation Explained


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Today, we're talking all about the fertility awareness method and how you can prevent getting pregnant more naturally. It’s the most frequently asked question I get on DMs on Instagram all the time and I totally understand that because I've been there too. Let’s get into it!

Notes: https://freshfitnhealthy.com/fertility-awareness-method/

Free Hormone Meal Plan: https://bit.ly/3gNyMtD

In This Episode of Real SOULutions:

02:00 – What other methods can you use other than birth control?

04:04 – Don’t try to get pregnant right after stopping birth control

05:26 – Ways to track your menstrual cycle

07:00 – What is the whole point of fertility awareness method?

08:22 – Different kinds of non-hormonal controls

09:33 – The withdrawal method

10:34 – Three categories of things to track for fertility awareness method

12:05 – Temperature tracking method

15:02 – Using LH strips

16:43 – Vaginal discharge tracking method

18:21 – Two types of discharge

21:00 – Sarah’s tracking method

23:36 – Natural cycles

25:27 – No birth control or non-hormonal method is 100% effective

28:31 – Make the best decision when it comes to your comfortability

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