Health & Healing Through Ingredients While Avoiding Extremes


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Today I am so excited to bring in a friend of mine, Karalynne Call. She's a certified nutritionist and mental health advocate. Learn how she started her journey with her family towards a life with less toxins and better health in this podcast.

In this episode of Real SOULutions: 01:30 - Karalynne Call's story 04:00 - What were the first things that Karalynne focused on switching over in her journey to cleaning her body and fixing her hormonal imbalance? 10:00 - Food is medicine 14:00 - Honoring your body and health and at the same time not being very restrictive 16:00 - What are the first steps you should take in detoxifying your body? 20:00 - Key things in Karalynne's detox journey 23:00 - Top go-to snacks that are better options for you and your kids 28:00 - How does Karalynne make time to prepare all the healthy food? 35:00 - What are Karalynne's favorite things to buy and favorite things to DIY 41:00 - Things that you can implement right away towards a healthy change in your life and diet 44:00 - Quotes that have impact Karalynne

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