Hormonal Birth Control Myths & Coming Off It


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Today we are talking about all things birth control - how it works, how you can come off of it, and the areas to focus on when coming off birth control.

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In this episode of Real SOULutions:

01:30 - Hormonal birth control regulates your period and balances your hormones

03:00 - Hormonal birth control heals your PCOS and endometriosis and that it’s your only option

05:40 - You will get pregnant if you don’t use hormonal birth control

06:50 - How does hormonal birth control work and what is it actually doing?

10:15 - Post birth control syndrome

13:40 - Replete the nutrients that hormonal birth control had depleted

14:50 - Getting rid of toxins from our food and products that we use

15:15 - Decreasing stress and increasing sleep

16:15 - My class about coming off birth control

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