Macronutrients & Calories


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Today I am breaking down macronutrients. We'll talk about its importance, difference between calories and macronutrients and how to make sure you get enough of them.

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In this episode of Real SOULutions:

02:30 - Why are macronutrients important?

05:30 - Keeping a food journal

10:00 - Proteins, Fats, And Carbs

12:00 - How to measure protein

12:40 - Fats, what do they do for you?

15:00 - Carbohydrates, our main energy source

21:00 - It's just not calories or macronutrients that matter

21:20 - How many macros should you be eating?

23:00 - Average macronutrient intake you can start with

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