My Dietitian Journey: Undergrad, Internship & Beyond!


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Today I am walking through my entire registered dietitian journey. I have been getting tons of messages on Instagram asking a lot about my journey. If you want to know about it, listen to the podcast.

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In this episode of Real SOULutions:

01:20 - A few things held me back when I first went to college

03:50 - Interning with student athletes

05:30 - I got called into the office about HIPAA and getting fired as a volunteer

10:00 - The schools I applied to

12:00 - Logging in on an April day and getting matched

13:00 - How do you have strong credentials for applying to university?

14:30 - My MSDI Internship experience

16:00 - During my internship

18:00 - Setting up my own rotations

21:00 - Being hired as an assistant after my internship

24:00 - Realizing that I did not want to be a sports dietitian

26:30 - Me speaking at a conference

28:00 - Deciding whether I want to get a regular job or be an entrepreneur

29:30 - Taking the Registered Dietitian board exam

32:00 - What services do I offer as an entrepreneur dietitian?

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