Our Engagement Season: a Chat with the Husband!


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I got so many replies when I asked on my Instagram story, “What do you guys want Brandon and I to talk about?,” and a lot of them had to do with our engagement season. And since we’re not pros in marriage yet, talking about engagement is something that I thought would be a good thing to talk through in order to just share parts of our story!

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In this episode of Real SOULutions:

01:23 – When and How did we know?

02:23 – Our very first date

04:32 – Meeting each other’s families and friends

12:46 – Dating vs. Engagement

15:59 – Starting birth control

18:27 – Roller coaster emotions

21:53 – Engagement is a great period to plan and prepare for Marriage

22:44 – Premarital Counseling

27:34 – It’s important to listen to what your significant other says and what really matters to them

31:59 – Thoughts on our ‘Destination Wedding’

37:13 – Brandon’s biggest lessons during our engagement

40:33 – My takeaways during our engagement

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