When You Focus TOO Much On Food


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How did I break up with hyper focus on nutrition? In this podcast, we talk about how you can create a healthy relationship with food.

In this episode of Real SOULutions:

01:00 - Sarah's background with food

07:00 - Find a professional you actually want to listen to and trust

08:30 - Give your friends and family permission to keep you accountable

09:00 - Buy food you weren't used to eating

10:30 - Have someone help prepare your food for you

12:00 - Become aware and make a list of your "fear foods"

14:00 - Hang around with people who eat normally

16:30 - Stop yourself from under-eating

17:30 - Accountability

18:30 - Clean your feeds periodically

20:40 - Having a food journal

21:30 - Relearn what good nutrition is

24:00 - What's in Sarah's nutrition guide?

25:30 - The last thing you need to remember

Did this help? What surprised you or stood out to you? I’d love for you to share on your story so that I can see and others can benefit from this too. Whether you’re at an extreme or just wanting to live out a truly healthy lifestyle -- My Diet like a Dietitian Guide is for YOU! Go to www.SarahGraceMeck.com/nutritionguide to learn more.

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