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Welcome to the NMAC community. This is a place for people of color一gay, transgender, or straight一who are at greater risk of HIV/AIDS. Our goal is to provide this community with a greater understanding of the role racial inequities play in the HIV/AIDS epidemic and how we can address them.

To provide this information, and create a safe space for everyone, we wanted this podcast to lead with voices that represent our community. In this episode, we meet the five hosts of Real Talk with NMAC. Each host shares their background, what topics they will address in future episodes, and whose stories they’ll be focusing on.

Meet the hosts:

Terrell Parker (he/him)

Gabriella Spencer (she/her)

Lauren Miller (she/her)

Christopher Paisano (he/him)

Damián Cabrera-Candelaria (he/him)

To connect with us further, or to find more resources on race and HIV/AIDs, visit our website. You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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