Don't Fall Asleep With Your Shoes On


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Real unicorns don’t wear pants or comply for the sake of compliance. By being unapologetically yourself you get to be happy. Who would you be if you didn’t have anyone else around you telling you what you should do?

In this episode Nicole takes us back to her days in Bartender-land. She opens up about why success is about more than the money, and the magical shift of being dead inside to wanting more!

Wondering how getting fired was the best thing to ever happen?

Hit that play button to find out:

—why success isn’t quantifiable

—how being out from under the dread of hyper-compliance sets you free

—why life is too short to be working dead end jobs

Are you ready to unleash your true self and find fulfillment?

Check out Unicorn Client Attraction Secrets For High Vibe Wonder Women to get a glimpse into badasses who have already made the shift

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