Inspiration is Greater Than Information


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This episode Nicole drops a bomb of an unpopular unicorn opinion! Inspiration is so much greater than information and invitation! Endless information is NOT value! People do not listen to information, because it is what they need - and people buy what they want not what the need!

Nicole shares how she inspires others by showing she has the results that they want through 80% inspiration and 20% information. Showcasing that people buy a result and a feeling as she closed out $202k in just 28 days for the month of February!

Press play now to hear:

-How to inspire rather than invite!
-How creating a personalized value experience crushes cookie cutter nonsense!
-The power of truth telling to inspire with that feeling of possibility!

And above all else - Remember, you can do whatever the f*ck you want because you are a real f*cking unicorn and you don't f*cking wear pants!!!

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