Low Vibe Trash


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You see it out there in the real world and social media-land, hell it may even be you spewing it! It doesn’t have to be that way, and in today’s episode Nicole highlights exactly why. In true Nicole fashion she prefers giving the full-butthole view and this podcast is no different! Going against the typical podcast structure, unscripted and uncut.

Low vibe falls right into that poor me mentality that has been imbedded into us, to no fault of our own, at that collective level. Somehow we’ve created value around suffering. It’s an inclination inside of us, under the belief that “the more you suffer the more you care” Nicole is here to burst your bubble because it just isn’t true!

Press play to hear Nicole’s thought processes around:

-How to respond when you’re offended.

-The ripple effect of your words.

-Name droppers and backstabbers.

-How to combat your own inclination to be low vibe trash!

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