Nothing Is Just One Thing


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Her trilogy novel gives us pieces of fiction, fun, past life journeys and all about how we are intertwined. Stories told on this podcast will be laced into the novel. Emotions in her stories are real & things that she did go through emotionally. This is personal. Nothing is ever just ONE thing. Everything has multiple layers.

Feeling alone, people don't get you, no one thinks what you think. This is a common circumstance to experience for every human. We're never alone but we have those feelings. Nicole helps you think & feel in a different way. She doesn't just give a blueprint but gives more of a bigger context and showing someone your whole mind & giving them the steps as to how you got there and why and all the mistakes leading up to it. The thought process. That is more valuable than a “cookie cutter template”.

The storyline presented in her novel is that we are truly not separated by being human and living in our flesh & it’s all about the ability to become us.

Press that play button if you’re ready to hear more about:

  • Independence
  • Going further into the collective experience & knowledge points
  • Being human is the suspension of the knowing
  • The feeling of isolation
  • Learning how to think & feel in a different way

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