Oh no she f*cking didn't!


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Bad things can happen to good people! People making questionable decisions can change! Nicole dives into a recent experience with a hyena client that defaulted on payments for not one... not two... but for SIX months! Nicole reflects on the self doubt that existed in being new in the world of coaching and her newfound awareness of the importance of boundaries.

It is okay to have empathy and give a f*ck about people! Nicole shares this experience from a place of feeling like she was expressing empathy. Truly feeling like she was helping her -- but now knowing it really just created an enabling pattern from a place of codependence.

Nicole shares about this and how it all eventually blew up as a Facebook post about authenticity went out. This inauthentic MF hyena puts up a post claiming her mean, bad, but brilliant coach forced her to do things! So despite the lack of payment for services rendered, she went all out to complain about not getting results because of the strategy!

Well, that is where the line was crossed! Nicole shares that process of feeling the feelings and then turning focus back to what really mattered!

Press play now to hear:

-How to handle hyena clients

-The importance of having empathy while honoring your boundaries

-The reality behind reciprocal energy and authenticity

-How to attach to what really matters in your business

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