Self Sabotage Sound Familiar?


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All the things are exactly as they should be and Nicole’s life is great, but 9 months into her online coaching business she finds herself ready to mess it up and burn it down. Self sabotage is a beast and such a common problem in life. In this episode Nicole explores her own patterns of self sabotaging behavior when she recognizes her resistance to announce an article featured in Forbes.

Creating awareness around self sabotaging behaviors helps us to get better at recognizing it, which allows us to shift that challenge into an opportunity! We don’t have to stay in those patterns. We get to shift our perspective and be unapologetically proud of ourselves!

Take a deep breath and press play to:

- shed layers

- get out of self sabotage patterns

- hear the dichotomy of survivor verses survival mode

- reach a higher version of yourself

-celebrate unapologetically

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