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How much time do you spend listening to others? I know I know, funny question to ask in the description of a podcast, but In today’s episode Nicole brings the heat with an unpopular opinion that leaves the question: if you’re constantly listening when are you in your own thoughts, creating and moving the needle in your business?

Strategic development is Nicole’s area of expertise and she has a formula she applies to the external content she absorbs so that she doesn’t fall into the trap of self doubt. The key isn’t to never feel self doubt at all, but how fast can you soothe those feelings when they arise? That is why building self assurance is the cornerstone of her Unicorn Client Attraction Program Nonstop Notifications.

Press play now to find out:

-how to break the pattern of self doubt

-how to create internal validation

-an update on Nicole’s upcoming Novel

-Nicole’s success strategy and why it sets her apart!

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