Tinder is a MF Skill Set


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Everyone has had that experience of doing something new! Nicole compares her son learning how to drive for the first time to other life events requiring that beginner mindset!

Nicole also discusses the correlation between raising children to assimilate and children having a hard time making good decisions! Finding that balance between assimilating to be a part of a community while honoring the value of free thinking in society!

A deeper look into free thinking and the results that come from uncomfortable situations that require perseverance for success! Crushing those limiting beliefs to create access the new revenue steam hiding behind them! Nicole shares how this and so much more has led to expanding the wonder ripple!

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-How coaching is like parenting

-The value of finding your drive and passion

-The residual income secret that provides residual income while building coaching income stabilization

-How to find and use your hidden talents to create rocket growth in online marketing

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