Trigger Warning


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First impressions are MF everything! When it comes to business and your clients it is no different than when going out on a first date. You know those red flags, the bread crumbs are pieces of the puzzle and we call them in. Guess what, becoming an entrepreneur means you don’t have to work with people you don’t like anymore!

Looking into your past those pivotal moments, that one thing that changed everything can you look back and see what that is? In this episode Nicole shares about 2 pivotal moments the universe handed her, one of which she handled wrong, and the second she got it right! Because here’s the thing, whenever you are triggered, it’s’ not about the other person, it’s about YOU!

Take off your pants and hit that play button and learn something about yourself today including:

--What support really means in coaching

--Creating boundaries and getting out of abuse and toxicity patterns

--the tale of 2 hyenas and a c*ntasaurus rex

--What is a trigger really about?

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