Your Life is YOUR Fault


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Real Unicorns take radical responsibility for their day to day. We’ve been conditioned to complain about our jobs, but what if the world didn’t revolve around you (news flash it doesn’t) and it is all in the way you perceive things?

In this episode Nicole shares another unpopular opinion about why the Universe isn’t set up to sabotage you and make you suffer. What are you doing in your life thats holding you in your place? What is the cost of inaction worth to you? It’s time to take responsibility for the way you feel about things so that you can change them.

Every circumstance you get to choose how you react to it, so how will you react to this episdoe?

You won’t know unless you hit play to find out:

--the proven pattern that works and why entrepreneurship is so valuable

--how to take radical responsibility in your life

--why failure is a part of success!

--why it is possible to be too smart for your own good.

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