Investing in Raw Land With Little Cash & No Debt!


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The housing market meltdown in 2007 dealt a rough blow to many developers. In this episode, you’ll hear from someone who lost a lot of money back then, but he managed to stage a successful comeback. He did that by discovering a backdoor into the real estate development business. Instead of developing the land, Cody Bjugan arranged to have it approved or entitled for development, which is often one of the toughest parts of any big project.

Cody is now a full-fledged developer with 30 projects and 2,300 residential units under his belt. But he also founded a company called VestRight to teach people how to do entitlements. He says it’s a simple way to create 5- to 7-figure paydays from off-market land deals, without owning or developing the land, without debt, and with very little cash at risk.

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