From Newly Married and Broke to Millionaires with a Great Marriage!


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This is a Real Wealth Story about focus, discipline, connection, and working together with your partner! Our guests started off with nothing when they got married, but were determined to get rid of their student debt, and work toward a financial strategy that gave them as much free time as possible. They are now in their early 30’s, own several investment properties, and recently hit the one million dollar net worth milestone. In this episode, Rich and Kathy interview their good friends, Dusty and Cecily Breeding, who share their secrets for a successful marriage and the building of wealth together toward a common goal.

They met at Pepperdine University, graduated in 2010, and were married in a village outside of Nairobi, where they spent their first year of marriage working with homeless teenagers. After returning from Kenya, the Breedings spent the last decade paying off their student loan debt. Dusty worked as a minister and Cecily, as a photographer. They bought their first property through RealWealth in January of 2019 and currently own five properties with a total of nine doors in two states. They have both become job optional, and recently launched the Skull and Bones Society, which is a life coaching practice that helps others intentionally live well.

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