Building a Brand While Battling Autoimmune Disease with Female Founder Brit B of BeachCandy Swimwear


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Welcome to Season 2 of the Real Women Shine Podcast sponsored by BeachCandy Swimwear. For this episode we are doing things a little bit differently. . . BeachCandy Swimwear celebrates a decade in business this season & so we decided to ask our fiercely authentic female founder and podcast host, to recount the good, the bad, and the real.
Swimsuit shopping. . . you may think it sounds like fun, but the experience is disappointing for most women in the world today. It may come as a shock as you stand in the fitting room that this. . . isn't working. You blame your body and ultimately you always blame you. Pro tip: It's not you, it's the suit.
BeachCandy (coined a "swimsuit sanctuary" by Coastal Living Magazine) is here to say the perfect swimsuit does exist. Built to last a lifetime, each BeachCandy swimsuit is handcrafted to a quality standard that no longer exists in the industry today.
This is what drove BeachCandy Swimwear's female founder Brit B. to launch the brand in 2011. In founding BeachCandy, Brit made it her mission to make sure every woman finds her best life in a swimsuit.
After celebrating 10 years in business, our incredible founder, pattern-maker and designer Brit, shares her personal BeachCandy story and how her iconic American-made brand came to be. From local So Cal custom swim boutique to global e-comm brand, all while battling autoimmune disease. Discover Brit's REAL top 5 business tips, struggle at Miami Swim Week, and how a strictly organic lifestyle vastly improved her quality of life.
May the Real Women Shine!

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