How Oral Cancer Led to Her Best Life with Elly Brown


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During this uncertain age, we have decided to share the voices of the strong real women we love and know. At BeachCandy Swimwear, we believe all women deserve to shine their brightest in a swimsuit. Our passion for women and the world is why we started the brand in the first place. Listen to women who are dedicated leaders in their space, whether it be motherhood or building an empire, the BeachCandy Babe shines the brightest of all.
Featuring Elly Brown, diagnosed with oral cancer in 2017. After this life-altering diagnosis, we watched Elly blossom into an iconic influencer and force of positivity that is contagious. She states "her scars are her super power." Let Elly shine some light on a life you never thought possible. Now is always the time to the chase your dreams.
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