Newport Beach Local to Living Abroad as a Digital Nomad with Adriana Petersen


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During this uncertain age, we have decided to share the voices of the strong real women we love and know. At BeachCandy Swimwear, we believe all women deserve to shine their brightest in a swimsuit. Our passion for women and the world is why we started the brand in the first place. Listen to women who are dedicated leaders in their space, whether it be motherhood or building an empire, the BeachCandy Babe shines the brightest of all.
Adriana Petersen, originally a customer of ours at our original flagship BeachCandy boutique, lives a life outside of the societal norms. She had the opulent Newport Beach lifestyle as a mom, wife, booming career, cats, dogs, even pet snakes. But after her children were grown, she decided to lean into her inner voice and live life as a digital nomad around the world.
In 2016, she sold everything she owned and packed up two suitcases to embark on the unknown, a life outside of the US. A natural born leader, Adriana and her unwavering commitment to lead an extraordinary life is unparalleled and will certainly inspire you to take a leap however big or small. Listen along as she shares all about her move across the globe and how she lives life to the fullest 6 months at a time. Buckle up for this inspiring ride & shine on babe.
May the Real Women Shine!

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