Episode 38: Digital Convergence


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Katherine Druckman and Doc Searls talk to Kyle Rankin of Purism about Digital Convergence.

Links mentioned: https://puri.sm/posts/investing-in-real-convergence/

Show notes:

00:00:32 Today we're talking about the idea of Convergence
00:04:36 Green on black Linux is COOL! --Kyle R.
00:07:01 The realization of adaptive design and how do others handle it
00:10:28 Law enforcement can subpoena your iCloud content straight from Apple
00:12:55 The fundamental problem Apple and Goole have according to Kyle
00:15:17 What is the hassle developers are already living with???
00:21:53 What do people really want?
00:27:23 Doc is using metaphors to make an interesting point
00:37:12 You can't lock users to use only your product
00:40:36 The advantages of open source
00:42:21 Steve Ballmers key to success
00:49:26 Would you give your child a single non-trackable device "To rule them all"?
00:53:59 Digital parenting advice all parents need to understand!
00:57:25 The difference between parental control and eliminating the trail
01:00:33 How do you address your own and child's privacy when "forced" to use digital tools you disagree with
01:06:07 The "Digital Consent"

Special Guest: Kyle Rankin.

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