Episode 39: Weekly Dose of Reality


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Doc Searls, Katherine Druckman and Petros Koutoupis talk remote work, survival, and Facebook.

00:04:09 The three key subjects we're discussing
00:05:41 First subject - Remote work
00:17:41 Covid19 forced remote work, but Petros misses one thing in particular
00:23:24 The increasing disparity between people who can and can't work remotely
00:32:24 Scott Galloway
00:39:30 Moving onto Facebook
00:40:07 Katherine didn't use Facebook until she started WHAT?!
00:44:51 Facebook wasn't designed or built to fully account everything it does.
00:51:04 What is the big wake-up call Apple is sending out?

These people have left big cities for good. Here's where they landed

Facebook’s fatal flaws - Doc Searls

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Special Guest: Petros Koutoupis.

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