Covid19, Socioeconomic Global Power, and Hypocrisies of the Establishment


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Two "covidiot" conspiracy theorist writers discuss socioeconomic power and the implications of the medical industry and science now having been granted this enormous power to create curfews and dictate what goes on and in your body, as well as pointing out the myriad of hypocrisies in the actions the powers that be have chosen to take. Enjoy a peaceful session of listening to me futilely rant and Bill remain perfectly calm as we discuss the ongoing nonsense that has been the covid19 "pandemic." Quotes are necessary since the definition is highly subjective.

The power economically to be able to decry "pandemic" has enormous macro and micro economic implications for everyone trapped in modern capitalism and it should be questioned where that power stems from. It makes little sense to view the Covid19 "pandemic" only through the lens of what is best to stymie one particular virus, even if covid19 was the threat they made it out to be via media coverage, it is incredibly short sighted and antithetical to overall good health in most situations to take the blanket uniform actions that the powers that be have since covid became a thing, but not at all surprisingly it has benefited the rich and powerful tremendously, I suppose they will claim that's for our health and well being too.

*This podcast abruptly ended when Bill suddenly died of the lethal Covid19 virus mid-sentence. He will be missed. Damn this virus!

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