136: Mental Health, Experimenting with CBD, and Restrictive Eating


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This week on the pod, Genevieve is unpacking more of her mental health journey and her experience with seeking help. We also touch on the nuances of restrictive eating and experimenting with CBD to support mental health. Don’t forget — we’d love to hear your thoughts on this week’s episode! Send us a question via voice memo or comment over on Instagram! We talked about: ✨the body’s response to stress ✨why common does not mean normal when it comes to symptoms ✨defaulting to self-forgetting ✨diet culture + restrictive eating ✨experimenting with CBD Episode Show Notes: www.rebelheartradio.com/podcast/episode136 Get Cassie’s holiday cookbook The North + West Kitchen Holiday here: view.flodesk.com/pages/5fa475776d62f4d71c5a9f65 Submit a Question for the Podcast! www.rebelheartradio.com/ask/ or leave us a voice memo or comment over on on Instagram www.instagram.com/rebelheartradio Connect with Genevieve: Instagram: www.instagram.com/gennybbeauty Book a Skin Consultation with Genevieve: calendly.com/gennybbeauty Connect with Cassie: Instagram: www.instagram.com/thenorthwestkitchen Join The North + West Kitchen Newsletter: view.flodesk.com/pages/5e3cb77d91a0da002651b69b

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