Ep 77: From Spinning His Wheels to 50 lbs PRs with Luke Vitale


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Do you train consistently without seeing the results you want? If your training has hit a wall, today’s guest just might open your eyes. This week’s episode features Luke Vitale, a former collegiate lacrosse player and current trainee on our new Training Team. Luke just finished a training cycle with us and in his words, “The progress I made was stupid. I’ve never seen that kind of progress in such a short period of time.”

We dive into Luke’s major progressions and PRs he’s seen throughout this 12-week training cycle: 500 x 5 deadlift (old 5 rep max was 455), 275 x 5 bench (old 5 rep max was 255), 17 inches added to his broad jump, and 20 calories added to his 10-minute assault bike challenge. We then steer the conversation to Luke’s training background in playing lacrosse and how he enjoyed lifting; the effort was there, but he wasn’t seeing the results he wanted. Luke shares his experience writing his own programs and his frustrations he faced in always overcomplicating things. This episode is all about Luke’s journey from getting his training “out of the mud” and how he made it happen.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [02:45] An introduction to Luke Vitale
  • [04:10] Diving into Luke’s PRs
  • [11:05] Luke’s training background prior to Rebel Performance
  • [14:00] What led Luke to stumbling upon the Apex Training Team
  • [15:30] Overcomplicating programming
  • [22:50] Surrounding yourself with people who push you
  • [27:45] Lessons Luke took away
  • [29:50] Using autoregulation in programming
  • [33:40] Why you should join the training team


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