Ep 75: Building a Bulletproof Gut with Megan Hall


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On the show today, I have Megan Hall, Scientific Director at Nourish Balance Thrive, an online health coaching company helping people achieve optimal health and peak performance. Megan Received her BS in Exercise Biology and MS in Nutritional Biology at the University of California, Davis where her research focused on the effects of low carbohydrate and ketogenic diets on longevity and healthspan in mice.

We intended to focus today’s conversation with Megan on the importance of gut health and how to build a bulletproof gut; but we ended up covering all things nutrition, diets, digestive techniques, and lifestyle factors. We do a deep dive into how overlooked gut health is and why it is so important to understand how your system reacts and adapts to certain lifestyle diets and knowing what works for you. Megan shares a few standpoints on why you should buy organic and locally when you can because the produce is fresher, which gives you more nutrients, but also because of the way our mitochondrial function and gut health react to the pesticides on non-local products.

Megan steers the conversation to coffee and alcohol in the diet and how both, for some, can increase levels of intestinal permeability, which can cause an inflamed gut. Listen in as Megan explains a couple of factors that go into building yourself a bulletproof gut: eating in a parasympathetic and rest and digest state and also timing food around your workouts to ensure your gut is prepared for digestion. We then do a deep dive into stress and its role it plays in gut health and absorbing nutrients, as well as the gut’s response to sleep quantity and quality. We close out the episode by discussing how you can actually implement these strategies and techniques in your everyday life to achieve an unstoppable gut.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [03:10] An introduction to Megan and Nourish Balance Thrive
  • [09:08] Why you should care about gut health
  • [12:40] What you should be doing to build your bulletproof gut
  • [17:35] What role fiber plays in gut health
  • [19:48] Why you should buy organic and local produce
  • [21:45] Knowing what carbohydrate is right for you
  • [23:00] Soluble versus insoluble fibers
  • [24:30] Coffee and alcohol in the diet
  • [27:15] The AIP diet and gut repairing
  • [29:25] Factors that go into building a bulletproof gut
  • [35:00] The gut’s response to stress
  • [38:14] The gut’s response to sleep quantity and quality
  • [41:05] The effects of exercise on the gut (short-term and long-term)
  • [43:15] How to implement these strategies and techniques
  • [44:35] Probiotic and prebiotic experimenting


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