Felix Jaehn: How to water the good seeds


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I caught up with Felix over FaceTime at his home in Berlin. At only 25, he's already had a #1 hit in over 55 countries (2014 remix of Omi's Cheerleader), and been through the ups and downs of mental health challenges that often ride alonog with success. Just before quarantine, Felix visited the Plum Village Buddhist Monastery in France (is that like a new age Slum Village?) to get his head right. In our interview, he shares some generous insights into what he's gone through to balance personal and professional success and how he's come to find gratitude and joy. Something we can all use a bit more of. Check it, and then check Felix's latest DJ Mix, Pride: https://music.apple.com/us/album/felix-jaehn-pride-2020-dj-mix/1515841759 If you liked this one, check out our interview with Caspa & Rusko: https://soundcloud.com/rebel_radio/caspa-x-rusko

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