Transparency And Liberation With Lindsay Bryan-Podvin


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This week I'm talking to Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, a biracial financial therapist, speaker, and author. In her clinical practice, she helps people get their mind and money in balance. She's also expanded her services to help private practice therapists grow sustainable practices from the inside out.

Last time Lindsay was on Rebel Therapist Podcast was almost exactly a year ago. Check out Lindsay's episode on December 3rd, 2019 about creating and launching her first scaled offer. It's a popular and valuable episode! Here it is.

I was just a guest on Lindsay's podcast, Mind Money balance, and we started talking about how we've both made changes to our business practices this year.

The 2020 uprising has helped just about everybody take another look at our values around anti-oppression and liberation, to do a deep inquiry, and to root out any practices that don't align with the kind of impact we want to have. It's also an opportunity to add in practices that move us and our clients towards liberation.

For both Lindsay and I, these weren't NEW questions or new values. It was more like a punctuation mark in our journeys to be anti-oppressive in our businesses.

You're going to hear an honest back and forth in this episode about some of the changes we've both made in our businesses and why we've made them.

Lindsay shares what she's changed in her marketing, sales, and in delivering her offers, and how these changes have impacted her bottom line and her emotional life.

Here's some of what we talked about:

  • What decolonizing her business means to Linsday
  • Increasing transparency and honesty in all aspects of her business
  • Changing her sales copy
  • Leaving all traces of "bro marketing" behind
  • Going against the common advice by having 2 niches
  • Why we both dislike false scarcity and (some) countdown timers
  • The fear she felt when she opened up about her past mistakes
  • The liberation she's experiencing in her business

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