146 - The Venture Bros Cancel my Cobra Kai Classes


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#CobraKai #VentureBros #Animaniacs============TIME STAMPS0:00 Intro03:18 - Garfield Rules07:33 - Animaniacs15:49 - PATREON AD BREAK16:10 - Pan Hates Women and Dunkaroos Caused C0V!D27:08 - AT&T Killed Venture Bros and Pan’s Job39:30 - TOTINOS AD BREAK39:45 - Felix the Cat’s Pizza on Peacock46:39 - Cobra Why54:39 - *Whispers sensually* Scott Pilgrim game back01:02:47 - PPG Live Action Juno01:18:28 - TMNT AD BREAK01:19:03 - QUESTION: Thoughts on “Hoops”?01:19:28 - QUESTION: Worst 2000’s Nicktoon?01:23:30 - QUESTION: Will Hand-Drawn Animation ever come back?

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