David A - Follow Up Q&A - Primary and Secondary Addictions and God - Meeting 31


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This is a follow up to Meeting 30 made necessary due to additional questions that came in after the meeting was nearly over. Some good stuff was expounded upon. If you haven't yet listened to Meeting 30, I highly recommend doing that before listening to this one.
David A in his own words: I came up in solution-oriented AA. I try to use the Big Book as my barometer, in that, whatever I regard as God’s will/ positive action in recovery I try to reconcile with the Big Book. Some are sicker than others. I regard myself as one of the sicker. Not in that my war stories are more extravagant, but in that I have to hold myself to high spiritual standards or I get spiritually sick pretty quick.
This is a unique meeting in that we are doing a follow-up Q and A with our guest speaker from this last Friday’s meeting. At the very end of that meeting, as we needed to close up, he said something that triggered a ton more questions, both from the listening audience, as well as from me. And we just didn’t have time to dig into something that I found very important. So much so, that I felt to ask David if he would be willing to come back to do an additional Q and A. Gratefully he agreed, and here we have it.

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For those of you here live, you will notice that the set up is a little different. Typically we do this in a webinar format where the audience is pretty restricted in ability to interact. Today, we chose to do a Zoom meeting where the live audience has more interaction with the speaker and the host. We are only recording the audio of this meeting, so any video will not be saved in any form. When we get to the Q and A part, if you have a question, you may either type it in the chat and I can read it, or if you choose to ask it live, please raise your hand and I will call on you and you can ask it vocally. Just know that your voice will be recorded and used on the podcast that will be released in the next 24 hours.

If you have not yet listened to David’s talk from last week, I would highly recommend that you hit stop on this episode and go back and listen to episode 30, called “David A – Primary and Secondary Addictions and God” from January 8, 2021. Then come back and listen to this additional Q and A so that you get the background of what many of these questions are about.
Today’s speaker, Adam, is a member of AA and he mentions a few other fellowships. To learn more about those fellowships, you can link to them here:
i. https://aa.org
ii. https://www.pornaddictsanonymous.org/
iii. https://adultchildren.org/meeting-searc
iv. https://oa.org/
v. https://twowayprayer.org/
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