142: The Threshing Machine


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Things kick off with a discussion of election plans. What a time.

In an addendum to a previous topic, John talks about what it was like to actually attend the infamous Action Park as a kid. This leads to a discussion of the roller coasters and thrill rides that Merlin adores and young John very much did not.

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(Recorded on Thursday, October 22, 2020)

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Kings Island - Wikipedia
The Beast | Kings Island
Kings Island History - YouTube

History of Kings Island Amusement Park in Mason, Ohio as told by Gary Wachs, the creator of Kings Island, and several influential people that had a hand in birthing the park.

SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight (HD POV) Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - YouTube
Zipper (ride) - Wikipedia

The passenger capsules travel around the perimeter of the boom at 4 revolutions per minute (rpm), not particularly fast, but the "flip" around the end of the oblong frame causes a sudden burst of speed and sends the compartments flipping end over end.

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