186 Countering 5G Conspiracy Theories


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The global transition to 5G mobile technology is well underway, with ongoing network build-out and increased availability of 5G enabled devices able to take advantage of the increased speed and capacity of the next generation network.

The transition has attracted an odd type of controversy, primarily from conspiracy theorists who claim that 5G is responsible for everything from brain cancer to COVID-19, or that it’s some sort of high tech mind-control system put in place by some secret global governing body. Most find these ideas farfetched and absurd, but there are enough people out there who follow this line of thinking that it presents real security issues for the companies who are responsible for installing and maintaining these networks.

Joining us this week is Dave Brown, cyber intelligence professional at telecommunications giant BT. One of his primary responsibilities is protecting the people and infrastructure responsible for making 5G a reality. He shares his insights on the tools, tactics and procedures he uses to counter the flood of misinformation, and to ensure the physical protection and availability of 5G for consumers, businesses, and the public sector alike.

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