The master class on how MasterClass hires (Recruit Rockstars 387)


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If you’re like me, you’re always out to pick up a new skill. So, you’ve likely heard of MasterClass, one of the fastest-growing VC-backed companies around.

With over 100 high-quality online courses, MasterClass teaches you something new every day. The instructors are anything but ordinary.

MasterClass includes:

Annie Leibovitz’s course on photography Serena Williams’ course on tennis Carlos Santana’s course on guitar Steve Martin’s course on comedy writing

And they add a new one each month.

The quality is astounding. These aren’t some homemade YouTube videos. Masterclass treats each as a mini movie production.

In just 5 years, they’ve gone from an idea to a team of 400 people.

And they’ve raised over $200 million from top investors like Fidelity, NEA, IVP, Owl Ventures, and Bloomberg Beta.

So, I caught up with Mark Williamson, Chief Operating Officer, to find out how he’s scaled the team.

In this 20-minute conversation, Mark provides…well…a master class on recruiting.

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