Ep 334: Fair AI


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The number of talent acquisition technology solutions offering AI continues to grow exponentially. However, we must look at AI's role in recruiting through a critical lens to ensure transparency and that technologies are fair and ethical. If AI is being used to improve the candidate experience and remove bias, how do we make sure it isn't actually making things worse.

My guest this week is Barb Hyman, CEO of Predictive Hire, an AI based interviewing solution. Predictive Hire has recently published a paper on Fair AI in recruiting intended to provoke debate and help Talent Acquisition leaders ask the right questions when they are buying a solution. Barb has an HR leadership background which gives her a unique perspective on the dangers and opportunities of the AI revolution.

In the interview, we discuss:

▪ Fair AI in Recruiting

▪ The importance of vendor self regulation

▪ Why AI should be unbiased, inclusive, valid and explainable

▪ Building trust with talent acquisition leaders and candidates

▪ When AI isn't AI

▪ Why a human candidate experience is critical

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