How Open Source Presto Unlocks a Single Point of Access to Data Featuring: Starburst Technologies


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The average organization has data sprawled across multiple databases, making it nearly impossible to unlock the value of their data for analytics purposes. Between on-premises and cloud database deployments, moving all data into a single source of the truth is often a costly, insurmountable task. Luckily an open source project called Presto was built to solve this problem, and is now used by hundreds of companies ranging from LinkedIn, to Netflix, to Lyft.
Join Martin Traverso, co-CTO of Starburst and co-founder of the Presto open source community as he discusses how a “single point of access” can solve data sprawl challenges for organizations. Presto can query data within any database, and quickly return results that are valuable for business analytics projects. He’ll discuss the Presto open source community, the technology’s use cases, his open source leadership style, and more.

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