Necrobiotic: Out of Action 01


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We had the great privilege of playing the upcoming dystopian RPG Necrobiotic, which is a translation of the Italian game L'Ingranaggio.

In Necrobiotic, humanity must rely on corpses as a workforce in order to survive. Under the Citadel of Science within the great walls of Florence humanity persists. Join Hjalmar and our guests Eleanor and Neha as Craig leads them into this dark world.

The Kickstarter for Necrobiotic can be found here

Music by: Alphaxone and Sabled Sun. Used with permission from Cryo Chamber.

Guest Players: Eleanor Healing and Neha Orai

Sponsored by Penny for a Tale.

Our Champions of the Red Moon: Martin Heuschober, Nastasia Raulerson, Simon Cooper, David, Julia, Camilla, Ludwig Manford and Bob de Lange.


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