77 - Say What You're Thinking!


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Jason Schultz welcomes his co-host, Andrew Kurland, back and puts him to the test, seeing if he's dedicated to the podcast. Then Jason reveals the most important thing that happened at New Hampshire Motor Speedway that no one is talking about. Andrew attended a concert and met his soulmate, you'll want to hear that story. Then Jason brings an F1 hot take to the table that he was too afraid to tweet. It's typically advised to not let stock cars race on a wet oval surface - hear what the guys thought about NASCAR letting it happen and the aftermath. This brings up another important topic that Jason and Andrew took away from Kyle Busch's interview. Hear the deep things that Brad Keselowski was tweeting. And why Matt DiBenedetto shouldn't be acting like the victim. SRX is great and the guys explain why. Plus, Andrew gets a favorable performance review from Jason. You don't want to miss this.

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