Power of Metaphor


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What is the purpose of metaphor in the Bible? The biblical authors use metaphors to help us better understand the world, God, and ourselves. In today’s episode, we reflect on the surprising metaphor of God giving birth. In the book of Job, we see God giving birth to elements of creation, and in the book of Isaiah, God is depicted as both a warrior and a mother giving birth to a new reality.

Bible Reading

Isaiah 42:13-16

Reflection Questions

1. A mother often suffers to deliver her baby. Let’s reflect on how God suffered to deliver us. What comes to mind when you compare the sufferings of Jesus to the pains of a mother in labor?

2. How does imagining God as a mother in labor reshape your understanding of his relationship to creation?

3. Giving birth is a powerful experience for both the mother and the baby. What’s one specific way you have experienced God’s life-giving power?

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