The Deep Anguish of God


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The prophetic books are intense, so it’s easy to skip ahead to more comfortable portions of the Bible. But Jesus often used the prophets’ words to describe what he was all about. So if we want to know Jesus, we need to read the prophets. And as we do, we can learn that when God’s people reject him, they are rejecting life itself. The disorder, chaos, and suffering that results is painful and it grieves God. But there is hope that God’s people can return to the life that he offers.

Bible Reading

Jeremiah 4:16-28

Reflection Questions

1. Imagine the power of the moment when God spoke, “let there be light” and said it was good. What is one way you’ve experienced God’s goodness as you’ve followed his life-giving words?

2. When we reject God’s life-giving words, sooner or later we are left with darkness, chaos, and void. This causes deep anguish. What is one way you have experienced anguish when you or others have rejected God’s words?

3. Take a moment to reflect in prayer. Ask God for one specific way you can respond to his words today. Listen for what he brings to mind.

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