9 beliefs that LOWER your Vibration & BLOCKING your success


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These are nine beliefs that are lowering your vibration and blocking your happiness in life. We're looking at the nine most comment cognitive distortions that people learn to recognize in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).

Full transparency: I am not a licensed therapist, nor an expert in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. But I love the crossover between CBT stuff and self-development! This video is not intended to discount or replace therapy. Get the help you need and it's great to seek professionals who can work through these WITH you.

Full credit: I got the inspiration from this video from Jonathan Haidt's book "The Coddling of The American Mind" - an absolutely fascinating read that I'm working through!

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1. Emotional Reasoning: Letting Feelings guide your interpretation of reality. EX: “I feel depressed… so my relationship isn’t working out” EX: “I don’t feel passionate anymore… so I’ll quit and sell everything”

2. Dichotomous Thinking: BLACK and WHITE thinking All or nothing, binary thinking. Success OR failure. The middle is 99% of life. (i.e. “failed” relationships)

3. Catastrophizing: Focusing on WORST case Scenario (And seeing it as likely) EX: “If i start dating them they’ll cheat and I’ll be single again so what’s the point”

4. Overgeneralizing: Perceiving a global pattern of negatives based on a single interaction EX: “I tend to fail at a lot of things” “this always happen to me"

5. Mind Reading: Assuming you know what people think (w/o enough evidence or asking) EX: “My boss HATES me and is definitely gonna fire me”

6. Labeling: Assigning global negative traits to yourself or others. EX: I’m ugly, She’s an awful person, ect

7. Negative Filtering: Focusing Exclusively on negatives. (Seldom Seeing the positives)

8. Discounting Positives: Thinking the positive things you do/others do are trivial

9. Blaming: Focusing on the other person as the source of your negative feelings. Remember, anytime we refuse to take responsibility, we’re giving our power away.

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