Commercial Real Estate Investing 101 with Adam Gilbert #255


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Adam Gilbert is an entrepreneur who began his career as a civil litigation attorney but quickly found his passion for real estate. As President of The Firm Commercial, Adam leads a team of agents specializing in commercial real estate sales, leasing, land acquisition, development, government relations, and value-added entitlement deals. As Co-Owner and Operator of Gilbert Avriette Vacation Rentals, Inc., Adam managed 35+ vacation rentals concurrently throughout the Coachella Valley. Gilbert Avriette Vacation Rentals was acquired by Turnkey Vacation Rentals in June 2018.
Adam is also an investor and consultant advising on development projects related to land acquisition, entitlement, and build-out. His personal successes include the rezoning of an entire city block to produce a better and higher use for a property, the purchase and revitalization of the iconic Bump and Grind Plaza on Highway 111 in Palm Desert, and is currently working on a number of value add deals including another zone change project, a hospitality deal, and a drive thru entitlement project.
We chat about:
  • How to use zoning to create value
  • How to structure deals to give you the most flexibility
  • Risk tolerance vs investor protection
  • Building and sustaining an entrepreneurial investor mindset

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