Create An Oil Well Of Free Leads with Phillip Vincent #213


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As a St. Louis native, Phillip’s passion is Cardinals baseball and Blues hockey. When he’s not watching sports or with his family, he’s investing in real estate. While he started as a home builder and developer, he quickly transitioned to investing in real estate full time.
Phillip has been investing in real estate for over 22 years. He has bought hundreds of houses and has a passion for working with families; his sellers love him! There isn’t much he hasn’t seen, so creativity and care are his go-to when it comes to buying houses and helping families solve some of their biggest problems. He is an entrepreneur and is always excited to support new projects and learn new things, like building out a nationwide network of Mom’s House Real Estate Investors.
We chat about:
  • Why senior living communities
  • What is going on in the family's lives at the time?
  • Better than probate
  • Reoccurring relationships vs the grind of other marketing
  • Helping others can lead to a more fulfilled life
  • What will you do with 90% more time?

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