The Good Your Money Can Do with Eva Yazhari #252


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Stories about the perils of money are a dime a dozen. Every culture and religion tells parable after parable warning people of the force for evil money can be.
But there aren’t near enough stories about the insanely positive impact money can have, especially in the investment world.
Eva Yazhari, the founder of the Beyond Capital Fund, is changing that with her best-selling book "The Good Your Money Can Do". And people are starting to pay attention.
This morning on Cheddar Eva discussed the positive impact money has on the world when people invest according to their values instead of the projected bottom line.
Eva Yazhari is a seasoned investor, author, and entrepreneur that brings key business skills, in addition to meaning, purpose, and consciousness to her career. She thrives on growth, curiosity, and solving problems with creative solutions, from being a part of the founding team that raised and invested over $5-billion into Wall Street's top hedge funds, to building an impact investment fund impacting the lives of 8.3 million low-income individuals through market-based solutions.
Eva has 16 years of experience working in the venture capital and asset management industries. The deal process is exciting to her and fun to navigate! She is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of Beyond Capital Fund an early-stage investment fund that improves lives with its early investments. She has worked hands-on with over 20 entrepreneurs in the start-up stage.
Beyond Capital has grown to be a recognized global brand. Beyond Capital was named by Ventureburn as one of 12 venture investors to know in Africa. In addition to Beyond Capital’s core venture investment skills, Beyond Capital has pioneered a unique communications strategy to reach a wider audience regarding impact investing.
In her role, she is a member of the Beyond Capital Board of Directors. She also serves on corporate boards, including Frontier Markets, and an observer seat at Karma Healthcare. In addition to The Barnard College Athena Leadership Council and the Young Presidents’ Organization Personal Investing Network Executive Committee.
In managing her own values-aligned investment portfolio, she has produced results.
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