Global justice innovation: the lessons and the leaders with Roger Smith OBE


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Episode no. 58 features Roger Smith, Author of Law, Technology and Access to Justice blog.

Our discussion covers:

  • How Roger first became interested in law, tech and atj;
  • How Australia led the world in legaltech;
  • How cuts to legal aid meant it was imperative to turn to tehcnology;
  • Why Roger started the blog in 2016 and who forms the law, tech and atj community;
  • The one key issue Roger sees with developing and implementing legal technology;
  • Victoria Legal Aid’s evaluation of a ‘dud’ project;
  • His optimism /pessimism about technology and what it means for law;
  • An early example of world-leading innovation, legal design and international collaboration from The Netherlands;
  • How hackathons can be a way of supporting entrepreneurs in developing countries;
  • The biggest changes Roger has observed over the past decade;
  • The various clusters of innovation including remote working, reaching more people through remote information delivery; unbundling and assisted DIY, case management software, intakes and referrals;
  • How case management could assist litigants;
  • Why he says we reached peak justice in 2008;
  • Structural issues which work against streamlining global legal delivery;
  • Who are the leaders in access to justice strategy and technology;
  • Whether the level of legal need will tip the adoption and demand for a global strategy;
  • Roger’s views on regulatory reform (on unauthorised practice of law and fee-sharing (USA));
  • The mission of the International Legal Aid Group, what will be covered in the upcoming conference and its 3 key policy achievements;
  • 2 benefits of collaborating across jurisdictions; and
  • Roger’s definition of legal innovation!

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